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Why Green Season is the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Updated: Mar 7

Many travelers flock to Costa Rica during the Dry Season, basking in the sun and lively atmosphere. However, there's a seasonal marvel waiting to be discovered – the Green Season. Destination Costa Rica reveals eight compelling reasons why this lesser-explored season is, in fact, the best time to visit Costa Rica.

1. Lush rainforest grows intensely during the Green Season.

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Costa Rica's rainforests during the Green Season. With some afternoon showers, plants absorb abundant water, resulting in lush and vibrant vegetation throughout the country. Witness greenery thriving even in unexpected places like between concrete on city streets. The cooler weather is ideal for immersive hikes through the verdant rainforest.

2. Caribbean summer in Costa Rica:

Did you know that you can be in the city of San José enjoying a regular sunny day, but then, if you drive down 20 minutes towards the Caribbean you’ll find a total opposite weather? Cloudy forest with enormous green leaves hanging over the road, like in Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo. In essence, when rainfall becomes widespread across the country, you're likely to find clear skies and sunshine on the South Caribbean Coast. Fascinating, isn't it? Costa Rica offers a climatic diversity that will surprise you when you discover it.

3. More Luxury for Less:

May to November marks the Low Season, bringing reduced rates for tours and hotels. Take advantage of numerous specials and increased availability during this time, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious experience at a fraction of the cost.

4. Uncrowded Popular Destinations:

Escape the tourist rush during High Season and revel in the tranquility of Green Season. Discover parks, trails, and beaches without the crowds, providing a serene backdrop to admire nature at its finest.

Activities during Costa Rica Green Season

5. Spectacular Animal Migration in Costa Rica:

Embark on a wildlife adventure during the Green Season as various animals migrate to Costa Rica. Witness magnificent humpback whales and nesting turtles along the South Pacific Coast, especially in the Osa Peninsula region.

6. Coffee Harvest Delight:

For coffee enthusiasts, Green Season offers a unique opportunity to pick and savor freshly harvested Costa Rican coffee. Immerse yourself in the history and culture of coffee production, a heavenly experience for any coffee lover.

7. Majestic Waterfalls in Costa Rica:

With increased rainfall, rivers swell, creating spectacular waterfalls – a perfect setting for thrilling white-water rafting adventures. Green Season provides the optimal conditions for an adrenaline-packed rafting experience.

8. Cozy Rainy Afternoons:

There’s nothing as good as traveling and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Relax on your porch with a cup of Costa Rican coffee, listening to the soothing sounds of nature's rainy season symphony. This is what we call: Pura Vida!

Start planning your next Costa Rican adventure with Destination DCR and unlock the unique benefits of the Green Season. Contact our travel experts to customize your trip for the best time to visit Costa Rica.

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