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                                                SANTA ELENA CLOUD FOREST RESERVE
                                                Half day - Duration: 4 hours approx.
                                               This private reserve is dedicated to protect the cloud forest.  It oers four dierent trails
                                               (from 1.4 km to 4.5 km) and three lookout towers from where you will see beautiful
                                               landscapes including the northern lowlands and the impressive Arenal Volcano.  Due to
                                               its incredible ora and fauna, this private reserve is considered one of the main attrac-
                                               tions of the area.
                                               WHAT TO BRING: light clothes, insect repellent, binoculars, hiking shoes and camera.

       Duration: 2 hours approx.

       For those who wish to observe wonders hidden in the forest after dark, we oer
       guided night hikes.  At sunset, 80% of the forest life becomes actives…

       The walk starts around 5:30 pm after enjoying the beautiful sunset guests will be
       amazed the forest seems to awaken during the transition to night.  The naturalist
       guide will explain many of the unique features of the forest and creatures that
       inhabit it while navigating the trails, the tour ends at 7:30 pm.
       WHAT TO BRING: comfortable shoes or sneakers and insect repellent.

                                                DON JUAN COFFEE TOUR
                                                Half day - Duration: 2 hours approx.
                                               Don Juan Coee Tour is an authentic experience brought to you by a family with a long
                                               coee history.  We want to share this value tradition with you in the highlands.  Our
                                               specialized guides will point out the most important aspects of coee, its harvest, and
                                               processing.  They will take you through the history of this crop from its beginning in the
                                               Arabic countries and Ethiopia.  The guides will highlight the importance of the golden
                                               bean “Grano de Oro” and its impact in the social, cultural and economic development of
                                               Costa Rica.
                                               WHAT TO BRING: comfortable shoes or sneakers and camera.

                     Other activities and tours recommended in the area.  Request additional information

       1- ATV 4x4 Tour.  Half day - Duration 3 hours approx.

       2- Chocolate Tour.  Half day - 2 ½  Duration  hours approx.
       3- Buttery Garden Tour.  Half day- Duration 3 hours approx.

       4- 100 % Adrenaline Ziplines.  Half day - Duration 3 hours approx.
       5- Ziplines, Buttery Garden & Hanging Bridges.  Full day - Duration 7 hours approx.

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