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The Northern Plains showcases some of our most scenic countryside and small towns.  Only a two-hour drive from San Jose, small
     agriculture communities and cattle ranches cover rolling hills and deep valleys.  Known as the heart of Costa Rica, you’ll nd a strong
     cultural identity here.  The plains, rivers and most importantly the people make the north central a must-see in any Costa Rica program.
     The main attraction is the Arenal Volcano which is the youngest and one of the most active in Costa Rica.

      Half day - Duration: 7 hours approx.
     The Arenal Volcano is active since 1968, it ejects gases, water, fumaroles and
     sometimes the eruptions are accompanied with powerful thunders.   Occasionally the
     lava comes out of the crater with a very high temperature and it cools o as it ows
     down.  At the hot springs enjoy a healthy and relaxing soak.  We will start this
     experience with a short walk in the surroundings of this majestic volcano, afterwards
     we will enjoy a healthy and relax bath at the hot springs.
     WHAT TO BRING: comfortable shoes, swimming suit towel and camera.
     Dinner included.

                                                ARENAL HANGING BRIDGES
                                                Half day - Duration: 5 hours approx.
                                               Visitor can enjoy 15 bridges from 5 to 100 meters long, friendly designed along 3 km
                                               rain forest circuit of interpretative trails built with paved blocks to prevent slipping;
                                               guided by a naturalist, who through the natural history will open for you the doors of
                                               a fascinating and colorful tropical rainforest world.  The view of the volcano from the
                                               hanging bridges over the forest canopy makes a perfect combination for an
                                               unforgettable experience.
                                               WHAT TO BRING: long pants, hiking shoes, camera, binoculars, during the rainy
                                               season bring raincoat.

     Half day - Duration: 5 hours approx.
    Let’s get inside the forest with our horses searching for the beautiful waterfall 70
    meters high.  After some hours riding and discovering the exuberant ora and fauna,
    have the opportunity to swim at the “natural pool” at base of this majestic waterfall.
    WHAT TO BRING: insect repellent, pants, raincoat, binoculars, camera, swimsuit and

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