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                                                WHITEWATER RAFTING
                                                Full day (Class II-III) - Duration: 8 hours approx.
                                               This class in perfect for people with little or no experience, but in good physical condi-
                                               tion. It is a lot of fun. The rst step before getting into the clear waters of the river is the
                                               safety talk which is given by the tour leader.  Half way through of our trip, we will stop
                                               next to a peaceful pond where you can swim and give it a try to the tasty tropical fruits
                                               of the season, prepared and served by our guides.  At the end of our rafting adventure,
                                               we will get dry and change our clothes before enjoying a great typical lunch.  We will
                                               then start our return to Arenal getting back to our hotels in the afternoon.
                                               WHAT TO BRING: appropriate shoes, light jacket, bathing suit or swim trunks, and a
                                               change of clothes, towel and waterproof camera.
                                               Lunch included.

       Half day - Duration: 5 hours approx.
       Enjoy the most extraordinary view of the Arenal Volcano on a gentle hike along the
       base of this marvelous “mountain of re”.  The hike begins on the active side of the
       volcano that takes you through the forest, the old lava ows and to the area now in
       the process of reforestation.
       WHAT TO BRING: hiking shoes, camera, binoculars and raincoat.

                                                CAÑO NEGRO WILDLIFE TOUR
                                                Full day - Duration: 8 hours approx.
                                               The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and the Río Frío, both humid areas, are considered one
                                               of the richest in biological diversity in Costa Rica.  Here you can nd a great variety of
                                               resident and migratory birds plus three dierent species of monkeys, also iguanas,
                                               sloths, turtles and Caymans.  All “nature lovers” will have a 4-hours oating safari though
                                               tropical rainforest and pastures.
                                               WHAT TO BRING: light clothing, comfortable shoes, camera, binoculars, insect repellent
                                               and sun cream.
                                               Lunch included.

                      Other activities and tours recommended in the area.  Request additional information

       1- 4x4 ATV.  Half day - Duration 4 hours approx.
       2- Venado Caves.  Half day - Duration 4 hours approx.
       3- Kayak Lake Arenal.  Half day - Duration 4 hours approx.
       4- Sky Trek & Sky Tram.  Half day - Duration 4 ½  hours approx.
       5- Safari Float Peñas Blanca River.  Half day - Duration 4 hours approx.
       6- Sustainable Tour at Don Juan’s Finca.  Half day - Duration 4 hours approx.
       7- Pure Trek Canyoning, Waterfall Rappel.  Half day - Duration 4 hours approx.
       8- Combo #1 - Rafting & Canopy Ziplines Tour.  Full day - Duration 9 hours approx.

          Combo #2 - Rappel & Rafting Adventure Tour.  Full day - Duration 9 hours approx.
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